A new innovation to the traditional Tetra Pak® packaging looks set to help increase recycling of Tetra Pak® products. We take a look at this innovation and ask what it means for the packaging industry.

A new innovation to Tetra Pak® packaging has made it much easier to recycle cartons and other cardboard packaging. The Tetra Top® now comes with a separable top that means you can detach the plastic tops from food and drink packaging, and recycle the two parts separately.

Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Tetra Pak®, Charles Brand said that the Tetra Top® is a “response to consumers’ increasing demand for better solutions to facilitate recycling.”

Currently available in Denmark and Sweden, the innovation is suitable for chilled products, especially drinks, and results in no mess and requires no fuss. All you have to do is pop the plastic lid off with your thumb. It’s set to take the packaging world by storm, and is available to customers at no extra cost. It also doesn’t affect the overall functionality of the product.

Ann Bergman, Senior Manager Marketing Brand yoghurt and fermented at Arla Foods Sweden said that the innovation “was very well received by all our key stakeholders.”

Arla Foods have embraced the Tetra Top®, with over 35 product variants in the Yoggi and Arla range now using Tetra Top®. Bergman said, “for us, it was a great benefit to be able to launch without adding extra cost.”

Tetra Pak® responded to calls from consumers who wanted to see a much more convenient way to recycle their plastic and cardboard. The Tetra Top® is a result of the company’s research.

Being able to separate the plastic from the cardboard is a huge step forward in the world of recycling. Many councils refuse to take cardboard drinks cartons because they contain plastics that make them harder to sort.

Tetra Pak® have got a history of these kinds of innovations. Back in 2012, they launched a similar product whish also made it easier for customers to separate the top and carton sleeve from their cartons. The company insists that the new Tetra Top® is not simply a relaunch.

There are some concerns that the Tetra Top® won’t be as well received around the world as it has been in Scandinavia. Beveragedaily.com asked the packaging giants if they thought customers could really be bothered separating their packaging in such a way?

Tetra Pak® responded positively however, saying “of course (the Tetra Top®) will be received in different ways depending on the local recycling culture and infrastructure.”

The Tetra Top® has certainly proven popular in Sweden, where 80% of consumers liked the concept and 77% said that it would make them recycle more.

We’re looking forward to seeing if any UK based companies are going to pick the product up! The Tetra Top® sounds like a great product!