Councillors in Warrington have been questioning the decision to close Stockton Heath recycling centre, and reduce the opening hours of Warrington’s two remaining centres.

Despite staff saying that the centre is being well used, the centre is due to close in mid-July, if passed by the council’s scrutiny committee.

Councillors are upset that plans have gone ahead seemingly without any consideration for local service users. Lib Dem councillor, Peter Walker, told the Warrington Guardian there had “been no consultation with residents, parish councils, local groups or councillors.”

Suggestions have been mooted to replace the recycling centre with “bring banks”, but this has not gone down well with residents. Councillor Walker said that the proposals were “very worrying and need proper discussion.”

Councillor Walker has accused the administration of keeping it’s decision secret. He told the Warrington Guardian, “this decision must have been made before February but it has been kept secret until now.”

Residents and councillors have joined together to fight the plans, and hopes that the administration will listen are high.

It’s not the first time that Sandy Lane Recycling Centre has been listed for closure. In 2010, a Lib Dem administration rejected calls to close the centre following consultation with local residents. Councillor Walker says that closing the centre could have major repercussions for the area.

“The potential for a reduction in recycling, longer car journeys, litter and fly tipping must be considered,” he said.

A petition has been started, asking for the council to reconsider their plans, and Councillor Walker believes that its vital local residents get their say on the issue. He told the Warrington Guardian, “some users have said that they are the highest taxpayers in the borough around here so why should something they use so much be shut down.”

So far the council has remained tight-lipped on when the centre is to be closed, but a public consultation means that the rumoured closure date is the end of July. The council’s scrutiny committee will decide on the fate of the centre, and pass it’s findings to the executive board on the 14th July.

With the need for recycling more important than ever, it seems crazy that councillors would be considering closing down such a well-used centre.

You can read the full article from the Warrington Guardian by clicking on the link here.

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