We are big supporters of Chester Zoo so when we heard about their new recycling policy, we thought we’d make sure we highlighted it to show you how you can help out one of the UK’s favorite zoos and do the environment a good turn into the bargain!

Everyone loves going to the zoo, and here at Recycle Technologies we’re no exception! This year, we sponsored one of the animatronic bugs from the zoo’s “Bug!” exhibit. We were the proud sponsors of an animatronic Praying Mantis, which stood at 7ft tall! Thankfully, the real ones are a lot smaller.

The reason we chose the Praying Mantis, is because they’re great little recyclers eating up all the little bugs and creepy crawlies that inhabit the grasslands and scrubs of East Africa where they’re from. They also clean themselves, with a special brush located on the fore-femurs.

We thought that they’d make a perfect mascot for our business!

Recycle and Support the Zoo

Chester Zoo is based not far from us, so we’re familiar with the fantastic effort that the keepers and staff do for the conservation of thousands of animals. Over 11,000 animals are kept in 110 acres of beautiful gardens, with over 1 million visitors every year. It’s one of the UK’s biggest attractions, and one that we’ve been very proud to associate with.

Chester Zoo have always had an extremely positive attitude when it comes to recycling, and their latest policy is no exception.

They are asking members of the public to send them their old mobile phones and printer cartridges. All you have to do is request a free recycling envelope from the Development Office at the zoo.

Send your recyclables in the envelope to the zoo’s recycler and they in turn will send the money made from the recycling to the zoo.

Not only will you be getting rid of unwanted items, you’ll be helping out a very worthy cause!

Improve Your Local Environment

More than 30 million inkjet cartridges are dumped in the UK each year, at a weight of 1800 tonnes. That’s roughly the same weight as 18 blue whales.

It’s believed that 90 millions phones are not being used in the UK, that equates to 11250 tonnes, the same weight as 30 Boeing 747s. If we can help recycle some of these objects, we can contribute to the existence of many of the endangered animals who live at Chester Zoo.

Recycling is great for all forms of wildlife, not just the animals you find at the zoo. Even the creatures at your local park, will benefit from recycling. Old plastic bags, paper and tin cans pollute the natural environment and make it harder for animals to survive. Plus they make the place look untidy!

If you can help by recycling your old printer cartridges or mobile phones, then find out more here! You can ring the zoo on 01244 650 229 or email the development team at development@chesterzoo.org to order your recycling envelope.

And if you’ve got something larger that you want to recycle, then Recycle Technology are the ones to call! We will take your old electronic equipment and ensure that it is recycled properly. Remember, nothing we collect goes to landfill sites.

We can do home and business clearances across the North West. Call us now on 01925 242 223 to book your collection.