New EU rules, due to be enforced from 2015, will see every household in Britain be issued with new recycling bins to separate glass, plastic and paper, in a bid to meet an EU target of 50% recycling of waste by 2020.

Home owners around Britain, will be asked to separate all their recycling into separate containers, in a bid to make the recycling process much more efficient, in line with an upcoming Waste Management Directive. The plans have met with a lot of criticism from Local Authorities, members of the public, the press and indeed MPs, who claim that the amount of bins already provided for households in the UK is creating a ‘bin blight’ within Britain’s towns and cities. In some case, councils are asking homeowners to separate their rubbish into nine different receptacles.

Directive Will “Provide High Quality Recyclates”

Lord de Mauley, a minister in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, has issued an open letter to local authorities to reassure them ahead of the introduction of the new directive.

He insisted that households will not need more bins, and argued councils could operate a “kerbside sorting” system, whereby recycling is sorted before being removed from the kerb.

He acknowledged the budget difficulties many local authorities are currently suffering from, but urged councils “to work more closely with each other to sharpen procurement practices and share both facilities and services where possible.”

The Directive, he claimed, would ensure that “all reasonable steps” would be taken to keep various recycling streams separate. This would, he believed, “provide high quality recyclates.”

DEFRA meanwhile are encouraging local authorities to take responsibility over their recycling collections. A spokesman said, “it is up to the local authorities to decide what works best in their local area within the law.”

Undoubtedly the new Directive is going to split opinion when it eventually comes into effect in 2015. It’s important to remember however, that recycling can provide a massive boost to the environment and help maintain our planet for future generations.

“Don’t Waste It, Recycle It”

Here at Recycle Technology, our philosophy has always been “don’t waste it, recycle it,” which is why all the electrical equipment we collect from your home or office is refurbished and resold or broken down to component level and recycled.

Nothing we receive goes to landfill, and we have a 0% waste policy. So you can rest assured that whatever you recycle with us is going to be handled properly.

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You’ll receive a certificate disposal for the recycled items, and should you want one we can create an asset report. Please bear in mind that there is a small charge for this.

If you want to know more about the Directive, you can find details here on the website.

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