Residents of Knowsley have been entered into a competition to win a Kindle Fire, in a bid to increase the number of households recycling their waste. The scheme is part of the council’s new “Week In, Week Out” waste collection service.

18 Kindle Fires have been out up for grabs by Knowsley Council, as an incentive to encourage more residents to recycle.

It follows from a number of schemes rolled out across the country, and it’s hoped that the scheme will hope to boost recycling rates in Knowsley. Currently, the council recycles around 32% of it’s waste and they are keen to increase this figure to 50% by the end of 2020.

The scheme has proven extremely popular, with hundreds reported signing up for the pledge. Residents can recycle cans, bottles, jars, plastic bottles, paper and card and garden waste. Those who recycle can sign up for the scheme and entered into a prize draw to win one of the coveted Kindle Fires.

It’s part of the borough’s new “Week In, Week Out” waste collection service, which will see general waste and recycling collected on alternate weeks. The scheme is designed to encourage people to think about recycling, even when there is no collection service.

A big “Thank You”

Councillor Graham Morgan, the council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Delivery told the Liverpool Echo, “ we launched the pledge scheme prize draw to highlight the importance of recycling and to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone for their recycling efforts so far.”

The scheme has already had one lucky winner so far! Irene Anderson, from Amanda Road, Fazakerley, who was delighted with her Kindle.

Knowsley Council is the latest in a long line of councils who are offering incentives to residents to encourage greater levels of recycling. You may have read our blog on the subject, which listed a number of other schemes that have met with success in other parts of the country.

Durham council created a similar scheme, were residents could enter in a prize draw for £250. Residents placed stickers on items that they were recycling and these were later sorted through and winners chosen at random. Other councils initiated points scheme that involved discounted days out at local attractions or leisure facilities.

Encouraging People to Recycle

The government is eager to move a 0% waste policy when it comes to recycling, and many councils are lagging behind. These kind of incentives are useful in encouraging people who would not otherwise do so, to recycle their waste properly.

Recycling is not just good for the environment as a whole, it is beneficial to the local environment as well. Many of the things that are discarded as rubbish and left to become litter on the high street, can be recycled. If more of us recycle these items, then not only will our local areas look more appealing, there will also be more wildlife for us to enjoy.

Rewards schemes like the one set in motion by Knowlsey Council are a positive step in the right direction, and it’s great to see a council not far from us taking an initiative like this.