Here at Recycle Technologies we’re passionate about recycling, and we love to read about developments within the industry. This blog is all about sharing that passion with you. We’ve heard about this amazing company, who are making great looking winter sports clothes out of recycled materials, and this week we thought we’d take a look.

Over in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, the 22nd Winter Olympics is taking place. Maybe you’ve been inspired to take up a winter sport yourself. If so, then you should really check out PYUA, a German clothing designer who have a unique take on where they get their materials from.

PYUA design “ecorrect outerwear” and their philosophy is to protect nature in its purest form. The most stylish individuals on the ski slopes of Europe wear their clothes and there’s a good chance that many of the spectators and competitors at Sochi are wearing some of their own PYUA clothes.

But what sets PYUA apart from other manufacturers is their recycling policy. They are particularly concerned about where they get the materials that go into their clothes come from, which is why they only work with companies who collect used clothes.

But just working with companies who reuse material isn’t enough for PYUA. Instead, they have decided to reinvent the returns process. They encourage their customers to recycle PYUA clothes. Recycling bins have been set up in several major European cities, and customers put their used clothes into them. The clothes are then sent to professional textile-recycling companies, and the raw materials broken down and re-used in the manufacturing process to create a brand new PYUA product.

Many of the clothes we buy use crude oils in their manufacturer, with large amounts of energy being exhausted creating polyester fibres for clothing. Many of the clothes that we buy end up being sent to landfill sites, when they could just as easily be used to create new items of clothing. PYUA’s method uses much less energy and produces less waste, compared to traditional polyester production.

Parts that can’t be recycled, such as zips or buttons, are broken down and used in other industries, such as road construction. Who knows, maybe some of the dry ski slopes our athletes have been practicing on have been built using these left over materials.

The idea of recycling clothes is nothing new. Many clothing outlets now operate a recycling policy, with many high street retailers using recycled materials in their clothes. Shopping for fashion in charity shops is also becoming much more popular, and many clothes that would have been thrown out a few years ago are being labelled as vintage and given a new lease of life by the nation’s youth.

PYUA clothes don’t come cheap and they’re not available on the high street, but if you fancy a good quality product that is environmentally friendly then you really should check them out! And they look great too!

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