More and more of us are starting to see the benefits of recycling, and are incorporating it into our daily routines. But whilst we find it easy to recycle at home, it can be quite difficult to recycle at work, especially if you work in a large office where you have so many other priorities. But recycling at work is cost-effective, can help with team building and ultimately helps to save the planet! But how can you go about setting up a recycling routine in your workplace?

We all know how it is. You’re struggling at work, you’re tired, the boss is breathing down your neck with deadlines and it’s not even 10:30. The last thing on your mind is the recycling! But if we all took the time to recycle whilst at work, it could make a huge difference to the environment on the whole and also the atmosphere in your workplace.

“De-Clutter” Your Office


A proper recycling routine is easy to set up and can really make a big impact on the morale of your place of work. If you’re all working together as a team to meet recycling targets, then straight away you’re all working together to reach other goals as well. Recycling also helps to reduce the clutter of the office, creating a tidy working environment, which in turn helps to “de-clutter” your mind and keep you focussed on the task at hand.

Think of all the things in your office that you can recycle –

• Paper and Cardboard

• Printer cartridges

• Plastic bottles

• Food and drink cans

• Electrical Equipment (old PC’s, printers, scanners etc.)

All these things can be recycled and turned into something useful, whilst saving your company money and helping to keep your office neat and tidy.

So, what do you need to consider when setting up a recycling plan?

1) Setting up regular collections – Once you’ve decided what to recycle and whom you’re going to employ to take it away, you need to work our how often you want it collected. If you already have a regular rubbish collection, why not kill two birds with one stone and get your waste contractor to pick up the recycling then.

2) Recycling Bins – Think about where to put your recycling bins. Where are the places where people are most likely to recycle? Put a bin for paper next to the photocopier, or the shredder. If you have a staff canteen or a vending machine, put a bin for aluminium cans and plastic bottles. Maximise the amount people recycle by making the bins convenient for your staff.

3) Getting Staff Involved – This is the most challenging aspect, but also the most fun! Staff might not necessarily use the recycling facilities if they’re not informed about them. Include your staff in the recycling process – let them know what happens to the paper, cans and bottles they are throwing away, what can they be turned into and how much of an impact they’re having on the environment. You can also make it fun for staff by turning it into a competition between teams as to who can recycle the most materials!

Improve Your Office Atmosphere


There really isn’t an excuse for not recycling in the workplace. Not only will it benefit the environment, it can help to make your office a less stressful, fun and positive place to work.

If you have old office machinery lying around that you don’t know what to do with, call us on 01925 242 223 and we can come and dispose of it for you, in the right way!

Remember, nothing we collect gets sent to landfill sites, but gets turned back into useful items.