Council recycling schemes throughout the UK are wasting over £1.7 billion a year by failing to recycle food, plastics and electronics properly claims a recent report by the Green Alliance thinktank. We ask, what can you do to recycle better?

Recycling in the UK has stalled, and less than half the country’s rubbish gets recycled properly according to the Circular Economy Task Force. The report, commissioned by the Green Alliance, found that as a nation we recycle only 30% of plastic packaging thrown away. Of this, nearly two thirds is sent abroad for processing. Electronics are meanwhile even worse off, with only 2% of waste electrical products being recycled, when over when over 7 times that amount could be reused.

The report does not make good reading for anyone associated with the waste industry, particularly when EU regulations mean that Britain is expected to be recycling up to 70% of our waste by the year 2030.

Councils are currently spending more on recycling then housing, yet still money is being wasted because of a lack of understanding about just what can and can’t be reused. We ask, what can you be doing to help reduce the amount of rubbish being sent to landfills, and also what can you do to ensure that more of what you throw away is recycled properly.

Food Waste

Not all areas have regular food waste collections, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recycle your food waste properly. The average family wastes about £700 a year on food that could still be eaten, with 7 million tonnes of food being thrown away and ending up on landfill sites.

But what can you do with your food waste, without having to send it to landfill sites?

Turning your food waste into compost is a great way to use left overs in an effective way, and give your garden plants a good feed! Use a food waste caddy and throw any left over fruit or vegetables into it. Mix with regular garden waste and then enclose in a compost bin, turning the mix regularly for 1-3 months, and then it’s ready to use on the garden!


So much of the plastic that we throw away gets sent across the world to be processed in countries like China, where the poor and desperate are left to sort through it. Much of it is ultimately burnt or sent to landfill, where it contributes to the greenhouse gases poisoning the atmosphere.

We can all be doing more to recycle plastic, particularly things like plastic bags. Re-use a plastic bag as many times as you can, or better yet buy a bag for life and use that to carry your shopping instead.


Many people don’t realise that they can recycle their old electrical items. Even if they’re broken, the components can still be recycled and used in more products. And very often, electrical products can be repaired and used for years to come.

We can help dispose of your electrical goods and make sure that they aren’t simply sent to landfill sites where they area no use to anyone.

It’s believed that a more efficient recycling system could generate £2 billion for the country, and cut up to £61 off each household’s recycling bill.

If you think that the country deserves better then write to your MP and let them know. Let’s try and create an economy based on responsible waste management here in the UK.

And remember, if you want to get rid of your electrical goods then Recycle Technologies can ensure that nothing gets sent to landfill sites. Give us a call on 01925 242 223.