It can be quite difficult to recycle over winter, as the bad weather forces many councils to reduce their recycling collections. But we’ve come up with 5 great ways to keep recycling during the cold months, even if your rubbish is staying put!

In anticipation of the winter, more and more councils are starting to reduce their weekly bin collections. This means that lots of recycling may not get collected in time, and may simply find its way into landfill. Here at recycling technologies, we’re keen to promote responsible recycling, whatever the season, so we got to thinking about ways in which you can use that winter recycling if the weather gets too bad to collect it.

  • Feed The Birds – During the winter, many of the common garden birds we see the rest of the year are facing a daily battle for survival. Finding food and shelter becomes more difficult, as temperatures drop and food becomes scarce. So, it’s important that we spare a thought for our feathered friends, and help them out when the seasons turn. A money saving alternative to your traditional bird feeder, is to roll the cardboard tubes from kitchen roll or toilet rolls, in sticky syrup and then into a mixture of seeds. Leave it to set, and then hang onto branches or off fixtures in the garden for a tasty treat for small birds.
  • Homes for Insects – Many of our creepy crawly visitors need a place to stay until it gets warm again, particularly things like bees, spiders and ladybirds who help keep the garden free of pests and pollinate plants. Turn old wood and cardboard into a “bug hotel” by drilling small holes into it, which make the perfect hideaway for all kinds of creatures.
  • Keep the Kids Amused – Winter is a great time to get kids excited about recycling! With the cold days and long, dark evenings, you need to find plenty to keep you occupied indoors. Use old plastic bottles as skittles for indoor bowling, or keep old paper for drawing and craft activities.
  • Get Ready For Christmas – When winter starts to set in, we all start looking forward to Christmas! And all the recycling you’ve done over the year can come in really handy this time of year. You can use old paper as a novel and funny way to wrap presents, or old cardboard tubes as Christmas decorations. Plus all the leftover boxes and wrapping paper, from the big day can be used for storage or just put away for next years decorations!
  • Update Your Technology – When winter comes around, we start to notice things around the house. You might notice that the laptop is taking far too long to load, or that the computer is past it’s best. If you’re thinking of getting a new one, in the Christmas sales, then you might be wondering what you’re going to do with your old technology? That’s where we come in! We can clear your old technology away and make sure it is recycled properly!

Hopefully this blog has given you some inspiration for those long winter nights. Remember, responsible recycling takes place throughout the year, so make sure that none of your waste ends up in landfill sites, that are harmful to the environment.