One of the things to think about when the Christmas season has come to an end, is what to do with the Christmas tree? We’ve come up with 5 great ideas to help you recycle your tree!

Christmas is fast approaching and here at Recycle Technology, we’re gearing up for the festive season, This is usually a busy time for us, as people purchase brand new electronic items, to replace old ones that may have broken or become worn out over the year.

On Christmas morning, millions of us will be waking up to brand new laptops, PC’s, mobile phones and much more. Christmas is also a time when we realise that we might need a new fridge, or a new oven, as our old one struggles to keep up with the demand placed upon it by the busy Christmas season.

We can recycle all kinds of electronic goods, but what happens to the more natural items within the home this Christmas time. In particular, the one very big guest that we invite into our home each year – the Christmas tree.

Millions of Brits will choose to have a real tree in their home this year. But what happens to it when the season is over and the decorations come down? Here’s 5 ways you can recycle your Christmas tree.

  • Pond Habitat – If you have a pond in your back garden, the branches from your Christmas tree make a great addition. During the winter, many fish like to hide at the bottom of a pond, where they can escape the coldest parts of the water. By using some of the branches, you can create a natural hiding place, where they can get cosy and avoid the worst of the weather.
  • Cat Tree – If you own a cat, this is a fantastic way to re-use an old Christmas tree. Cats love to climb and scratch, so get them off the furniture and create a special cat tree. Trim away most of the branches, but leave a few of the sturdy ones to be used as places for your cat to clamber onto. Screw the wood down onto a base, and wrap think, coarse rope around the trunk to give your cats something to scratch at.
  • Dune Restoration – This is a pretty interesting way of using your Christmas tree. If you live by the coast, you can take your tree along to the beach, where coastal conservation agencies can use it as a sand anchor. They effectively plant the tree into the sand where it attracts more sand and dune grass, helping to rebuild the sand dunes. Contact your local conservation group for more information.
  • Mulch – What better way to use a Christmas tree then to turn it into compost and spread over the garden. You can use it to suppress all those nasty weeds and when the summer comes round and you have a gorgeous bed of fresh bright flowers, you’ll have a little bit of Christmas to think about as well!
  • Bonfire – We all know what comes after Christmas. New Year! If you can stand to bring the tree down a few days earlier, you could have a roaring bonfire to go with your New Years Eve party! Christmas trees make great fire starters, and if you can convince a few friends to bring theirs down as well, then you could have a really great bonfire!

These are just a few ideas to encourage you to recycle your tree in a responsible way, and also have a little fun with it!

And remember, if you have any electronic equipment that you want to recycle in 2014, get in touch with us to arrange a collection!