As the Government announces plans to move towards a zero waste economy, it’s never been more important to establish responsible recycling practices than now. To make sure that future generations recycle efficiently, it’s vital that we encourage our children to recycle as well. But how can you get your kids to recycle, in a fun and exciting way?

Future generations are going to dictate how we run our planet, and if we want an environment that we can all enjoy and share in, then we’re going to need to make sure that what we teach our children now stays with them.

There are loads of great ways of getting children to recycle! Here are just a few for you to consider:

  • Recycling Games – Games are a fantastic way to engage younger children, and introduce them to the recycling process. If they have fun, then they’re less likely to see recycling as a chore and will continue to keep it up in the future. One great game, when sorting your recycling, is to toss plastic bottles into the bin from a short distance. Whoever scores the most points wins! Another great game for slightly older children is to quiz kids on where their recyclables might end up.
  • Recycling Crafts – Many of the things we recycle can be used for arts and crafts. Instead of throwing away your old paper, use it for drawing or painting. Old bottles can be turned into rocket ships! Tin cans can be turned into mobile phones, with a bit of string and some imagination. And things like cardboard boxes can be decorated and turned into storage boxes again, for old toys and games.
  • Recycling Day Trips – Show your children what happens to their recycling when it’s taken away. You can take them to any number of recycling centres around the country, where they can see the materials being processed and turned into something much more useful. There are also loads of reusable energy plants that you can take children to, to show them just how big an impact we have on the environment and how they can help to make a difference.
  • Do More Recycling Yourself – Children learn from others, so set a good example for them by becoming more environmentally friendly at home. Have a special recycling bin, if you haven’t already, which you use often. Recycle old food scraps on a compost pile in the garden. This is a great way to attract wildlife to your garden, especially creepy crawlies, which all children love!

These are just a few of the ways which you can help get your kids into recycling, and help secure the planet for further generations. It’s vital that we encourage our children to look after the planet they live on, so that we can share it with them for a good few years yet.

And, having a positive attitude towards recycling and waste disposal means that they’ll take a much more positive attitude in the local community, encouraging their friends to recycle more and more and helping to create a much nicer environment for everyone!